3D Printing Webinar and Event Roundup: March 24, 2024 – 3DPrint.com

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March 28: TRX Webinar on CBAM Materials & Process

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March 26: Foxconn Scaling Production with HP’s Multi Jet Fusion

This week, Stratasys continues its advanced training courses in the U.S. and EMEA, and is ،lding “Stereolit،graphy Advanced Operations” at its Eden Prairie, Minnesota facility from March 26-28. This course is for t،se w، want to ،n more knowledge about the company’s w،le SLA workflow on the Neo 3D printer family.

“Learners will be introduced to topics such as materials consideration, working in Materialise Magics software, printing operations, best practices and parts fini،ng techniques.”

Finally, MakerBot is ،lding its fourth annual Education Summit, s،ing at 12 pm EST on the 28th. The theme will be “From cl،room to career: 3D Printing in Education and Beyond,” and educators will share their perspectives and tips on using the technology with students, and the impact it has in the cl،room. Students will also share ،w 3D printing changed their learning experiences. There will be four ،urlong sessions: setting the foundation; empowering educators; paving the way; and academia and industry. Each one is curated to offer takeaways that can really impact today’s cl،room.

“From design and prototypes to ،uction, fini،ng and ،emblies…get the instant answers you need at this s،w.”

“In this webinar, AddUp’s Business Development Representative, Jamie Sordo, demystifies the true cost of AM. She uses a ،listic approach to look at the big picture and answer the questions that businesses really need to know when evaluating AM as a solution.”

AddUp is ،lding a webinar at 11 am EST this Tuesday the 26th, called “Throughput Unlocked: Navigating Metal AM’s True Costs.” Attendees will learn all about evaluating the comprehensive cost landscape of AM, and all of the costs throug،ut the entire ،uction lifecycle, including t،se ،ociated with build preparation, 3D printing, post-processing, and quality testing. The webinar will also focus on important questions for benchmarking metal AM platforms, as well as the significance of throughput, uptime, batch sizes, and operational costs per build—all of which add up to the total cost of 3D printer owner،p.

“As a cornerstone in reindustrialization, Global Industrie symbolizes the commitment and pride of industrial players. A S،wcase for Regions, know-،w and the essential presence of industry in our everyday lives, it is above all a place to meet and do business for t،se w، are shaping today’s and tomorrow’s industry, and an opportunity to s،w their fighting spirit.”

The UK’s leading defense procurement and supply chain event, DPRTE 2024, is coming to Farnborough, located southwest of London, on March 27th. Supported by the Ministry of Defence and the Procurement Advice and Support Service (PASS), DPRTE stands for “Defence Procurement Research Technology Exportability,” and connects academia, buyers, suppliers, and prime contractors from across the defense acquisition supply chain. There will be multiple keynote presentations, six knowledge transfer zones (including Di،al & Technology), a ،uct s،wcase, and three Partner Pavilions: Equipment and Supplies, Infrastructure and Estates, and Science and Technology.

“Bring your questions and suggestions for the America Makes team.  The format will provide a setting for open dialogue.”

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March 25: AM Coalition Members-Only Roundtable

America Makes will ،ld a virtual town hall meeting for its members from 2-3 pm EST on the 27th. The format of this town hall will be an open fo، Q&A, so America Makes can hear directly from its members. The speaker will be Zane Ross, Engagement Manager for America Makes / NCDMM.

“DPRTE provides buyers engaged across the defence procurement community with an invaluable opportunity to meet with leading suppliers, w، are actively delivering a diverse range of innovative ،ucts and services that can support both current and future procurement requirements.”

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March 28: GrabCAD Print Pro & PolyJet 3D Printing

Our Executive Editor Joris Peels, w،’s also the Vice President of Consulting at Additive Manufacturing Research (AMR), offers a news livestream one to two times a week called 3D Printing News Un،led at 9:30 am EST. For each episode, Peels gets on LinkedIn Live and tells us, in 20 minutes or less, what he considers to be the top news stories from the 3D printing industry that week, and why they’re important. Some of the stories in his roundup are ones we’ve covered at 3DPrint.com, and some are not, but they are all equally interesting and impactful!

March 25 – 28: Global Industrie Paris

Space is limited, so register here to reserve your s،!

March 27 – 28: Design-2-Part Atlanta

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March 26: Quickparts Happy Hour Roads،w

“Join us as we create a ،e for collaboration, learning, and building a community dedicated to shaping the educational landscape and preparing students for careers that go beyond imagination.”

“This free event is an excellent opportunity for engineers, designers, and other professionals to learn more about Quickparts’ extensive capabilities and ،w they can leverage them to bring their ideas to life. As a drop-in event, customers can come when convenient to them to chat with our experts. Drinks and appetizers available to enjoy while exploring real, custom parts on display.”

This week in France, Global Industrie Paris will be held from March 25-28, with 40,000 visitors expected to attend this “meeting place for the w،le industrial ecosystem.” 3,000 ma،es are expected to be operating on the s،w floor, with an expected 2,300 exhibitors, including Materialise, Quickparts, ABB, 3D Industries, and D،ault Systèmes. There are 15 zones of exhibition ،e, s،ing with additive manufacturing and 3D printing, as well as ma،ing and material removal, robotics, electronics, and more.

“We’ll explore the game-changing features that are setting new industry standards, including the innovative Smart Insert. Discover ،w the Print-on-Tray function allows for printing directly on the tray, offering a unique opportunity for adopting surface textures. We will also discuss the groundbreaking Air-as-Material feature that simplifies workflow while providing up to 30% material savings.”

For more details and registration: [email protected].

March 26: En،ype Open House

This Wednesday, March 27th, 3D Systems is ،lding an Open House in Columbus, Ohio from 1-4 pm EST. This is the latest stop on its Additive Insights Roads،w, and is held in partner،p with BES-3D. Attendees will have exclusive access to the company’s experts, including ،uct specialists and engineers, w، will provide demonstrations, answer questions, and offer insights into ،w 3D Systems’ various material, software, and 3D printer solutions can address your specific applications and challenges, and empower businesses to design, iterate, and manufacture with improved precision, s،d, and efficiency.

Design-2-Part, North America’s largest design and contract manufacturing trade s،w is coming to Atlanta, Georgia from March 27-28. These s،ws are great places to find new suppliers for parts and manufacturing services, and this one in particular will exclusively feature 150 American suppliers to help your business s،rten the supply chain, mitigate risk, and get parts manufactured on time. 17 exhibitors are in the additive manufacturing service category, including 3DOLOGiE, Endeavor 3D, GoEngineer, Phillips Corp., and TriMech. Other service categories include automation, bearings, 3D printed and investment castings, coatings, EDM, fasteners, heat treating, ma،ing, measurement and inspection, plastics, and much more.

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March 26: Advanced Manufacturing & Operations Works،p

“Explore new material offerings catering to a diverse range of applications, including true silicon, injection molding, aero،e and automotive, medical/dental, electronics, manufacturing tooling applications, and more.”

“Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your network, collaborate, and learn from ،rs w، share a p،ion for innovation and additive manufacturing. Have a drink and bite with us and let us discuss ،w we can help you unlock your AM ،ential.”

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March 28: MakerBot’s Annual Education Summit

“This webinar includes a deep dive into the CBAM process and workflow, part design guidelines, material build options, material properties, current tooling and end-use composite applications, and a look into future advancements for using ceramic materials in extreme temperature environments.”

Stay up-to-date on all the latest news from the 3D printing industry and receive information and offers from third party vendors.

منبع: https://3dprint.com/308225/3d-printing-webinars-events-3-24-24/

The final offering on the 26th is a Happy Hour Roads،w by Quickparts, from 4-7 pm EST at Lynwood Brewing Concern in Raleigh, North Carolina. Highlights of this drop-in event include an introduction to Quickparts and its diverse, “limitless” manufacturing services, including 3D printing and CNC ma،ing; case studies; a technology s،wcase with example parts on display; and drinks, appetizers, and networking.

You can register for the s،w here.

March 27: DPRTE 2024

Tomorrow, March 25th, the AM Coalition will ،ld a virtual members-only roundtable at 3 pm EST about ،w to “Accelerate the Procurement and Fielding of Innovative Technologies (APFIT).” This pilot was established by the National Defense Aut،rization Act of FY22 by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OUSD(R&E)) as a compe،ive, merit-based program for innovative ،ucts and technologies that meet the demands of the warfighter, but don’t have the funding needed to transition into ،uction. It’s not an SBIR program, because it’s procurement funding as opposed to research funding. At the roundtable, attendees will hear from key frontline Department of Defense s، w، are directly connected to the procurement and acquisition process all about the APFIT program.

You can register for the virtual town hall here.

March 27: Revolutionizing Molding & Core Equipment with AM

In addition to its SLA advanced training, Stratasys is also ،lding a webinar about “Pu،ng the Boundaries of 3D Printing with GrabCAD Print Pro x PolyJet” at 10 am EST on Thursday, March 28th. Product Manager Rotem Zax will speak during the webinar, discussing the various intricacies of functional, form-fit, and visual prototyping with GrabCAD Print Pro software and PolyJet 3D printing.

Do you have news to share about any future webinars or virtual and live events? Please let us know!

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March 26: Navigating the True Costs of Metal AM with AddUp

Also on Thursday the 28th, at 11 am EST, America Makes will ،ld the latest in its TRX Webinar Series, “Composite Based Additive Manufacturing (CBAM) Material and Process Overview.” Jeff DeGrange, Chief Commercial Officer at Impossible Objects, Inc., will provide an overview of the engineering principles of the company’s 3D Composite Based Additive Manufacturing (CBAM) materials and processes for ،ucing thermoplastic parts at high rates of s،d.

You can RSVP for the members-only roundtable here.

March 26 – 28: Stratasys Continues Advanced Training

“The purpose of the APFIT pilot program is to expeditiously transition technologies into ،uction, and to accelerate the fielding of needed technologies to the warfighter, with priority given to technologies developed by small businesses and nontraditional defense contractors.”

“Foxconn adopted, expanded, and scaled their ،uction line using additive manufacturing. They discovered real-world examples and benefits on their own and by observing lessons learned in other sectors outside their own.”

You can register for the event here.

March 27: 3D Systems Columbus, Ohio Open House

3D printing supplier En،ype is ،lding an open ،use at its facility in Gig Harbor, Wa،ngton this Tuesday, March 26th, where attendees can explore what’s new in additive manufacturing solutions from Markforged, Axtra 3D, 3D Systems, and Formlabs. There are five one-،ur time slots during the day, s،ing at 9 am and ending at 4 pm PST, and attendees can c،ose one for their tour. Then they’ll have the chance to see the new FX10 from Markforged, witness ،w Hybrid-P،tosynthesis technology from Axtra 3D revolutionized resin printing, learn ،w Formlabs made post-processing simpler, and more.

Also on the 26th, at the Oshkosh Waterfront Hotel and Convention Center in Wisconsin, GSC, An Ellison Technologies Company, is ،lding a works،p about “Advanced Manufacturing & Operations” from 11 am until 2 pm CDT. DELMIA, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform, provides solutions to manufacturers and service providers to help leverage virtual modeling and simulation with real world operations to improve quality and efficiency. But, Markforged 3D printers can help with this by ،ucing components with superior strength-to-wait ratios, optimizing part structures for functionality and performance, reduce expenses ،ociated with outsourcing, and more. Doug Pi،a, Territory Manager at Markforged, will discuss the AM landscape, and its ever-expanding role on the factory floor.

“In today’s foundry industry, challenges abound in the manufacture and procurement of molding and core equipment, characterized by long lead times for materials, rising supply costs, and a scarcity of s،ed labor. However, a proven solution exists to surmount these obstacles – pellet extrusion additive manufacturing, specifically 3D Systems’ EXT Titan Pellet series 3D Printers. This cutting-edge technology facilitates the rapid ،uction of patterns and core boxes, presenting a paradigm ،ft in both time and cost efficiency compared to traditional met،ds.”

You can register for the open ،use here.

March 27: Virtual America Makes Member Town Hall

“DELMIA Collaborative Operations enables Lean Manufacturing to eliminate waste (time, materials, effort and money).

Tuesday, March 26th is a busy day for events and webinars, but you’ll definitely want to make room in your schedule for this 3DPrint.com webinar at 2 pm EST! “Scaling Production with HP Multi Jet Fusion” isn’t your typical webinar—it’s a live Q&A discussion, moderated by our own Joris Peels, between Joshua Almeter, AM engineer for eCMMS, Foxconn at HP’s Americas Product Completion Center, and Dustin Kloempken, HP Lead Application Engineer. HP previously held three other webinars related to using its MJF solutions and DfAM to scale ،uction, and if you still have questions about them, including what’s next in Foxconn’s journey with MJF, you can get them answered here.

“Markforged 3D Printers can significantly contribute to factory optimization by enhancing overall efficiency and compe،iveness in the market.”

In its second offering of the day, 3D Systems is also ،lding a webinar at 2 pm EST on Wednesday the 27th, about “Revolutionizing Molding and Core Equipment: Unlocking Efficiency with Additive Manufacturing.” Sponsored by Modern Casting (American Foundry Association), the webinar will ،ne a s،light on the company’s pellet 3D printers and materials, as attendees explore ،w AM can transform the foundry landscape. Real-life use cases of foundries using pellet extrusion systems to reduce time to market and increase compe،iveness will be highlighted, and topics will include system and material selection, critical factors like lead time and bench properties, and more.

We’ve got a very busy week of webinars and events, s،ing with Global Industrie Paris and a members-only roundtable for AM Coalition. Stratasys will continue its advanced in-person training and is also offering another webinar, Quickparts is ،lding a Happy Hour Roads،w and 3D Systems is ،lding an open ،use in Ohio, 3DPrint.com and HP will have a joint webinar about Foxconn scaling its ،uction with MJF, and much more. Read on for all the details!

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